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When Arm & Hammer's
Dryer Sheets disappointed 
in test market, they wanted to 
know how they should fix it, 
and if they should bother.

Arm & Hammer's test marketing of their fabric softener sheet was unsuccessful, particularly when they went head-to-head against a certain major competitor.

Management wanted to know 

  • if there was a market for an Arm & Hammer product
  • how to best position the product in the marketplace 
  • how to best counter the huge advertising expenditures of their competitors

We recommended that Arm & Hammer preempt the strength positioning. Strength that, by virtue of being Arm & Hammer, only they could provide.

We also recommended that they change their positioning to more closely reflect the Arm & Hammer heritage.

The result -- a very successful roll out, with sales exceeding expectations.

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