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CIBA Vision wanted to
go global with a new line
of new contact lens care products.
-- and they wanted to be in the market
fast. The problem -- they didn't have
any good new product ideas.

CIBA Vision is one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products in the world. But it's a tough business because new ideas that differentiate themselves to consumers are hard to come by. That's why they called us.

We conducted a brainstorming session with CIBA Vision that culminated in a range of possible ideas and concepts that could have potential in worldwide markets.

Then we explored these concepts and positionings with consumers to assess their success potential with the goal of turning the concepts into actual products. Through our evolutionary methods and unique way of working with consumer, we identified and refined a list of products that could be developed and marketed quickly and that would be strong, preemptive, opportunities.

The result: Five products were developed that were so strong, further quantitative testing was unnecessary. And just as importantly, these products set the stage for even more successful new products .And, by the way, the entire project was commenced and completed in 45 days!

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