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We're with you every step of the way in a proven program that leads to product success.

We can develop successful consumer driven products or winning strategic positionings in as little as three weeks. 

If you desire a breakthrough new product, winning positioning strategy or strategic plan, we can put you right on target with your goals, no matter what your time.


How you sell the consumer can be just as important as what you sell....

because consumers are neither rational nor consistent in their purchase habits.

Our methods simultaneously identify both new product/merchandising opportunities and consumer purchase triggers. And they do so in a totally secure manner. Scroll down for sample concept boards.

THE HEART OF OUR PROCESSMarketing to the Heart

We create actual ads for hypothetical products (or services). Then we present these to your target consumers, not to find winning ads, but to discern true purchase motivation in a real-world setting.


We interact with consumers to seek out gut-level responses rather than meaningless "head nodding". We obtain insights into purchase triggers rather than dangerously misleading "I'd buy it if I had a coupon" responses. We probe into consumer needs, desires and perceived problems, then identify solutions. We ask consumers to react to real-world products, solutions and purchasing stimuli in stead of theorizing about them.

Our procedures are based on original ideation. They're painstaking...And thorough...Creative....Yet disciplined. We define purchasing behavior in terms of your specific equity in the marketplace.

Any product or service that has successfully undergone our rigorous investigative procedures will have achieved a "share of heart", an emotional level that sets it apart from any other brand.

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Sample Concept Boards

Cosmetics Concept Board

Chocolates Concept

Lil Affections Concept

Glare Free Concept

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